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Get some coffee and let's talk kitchens!

This is an L shaped kitchen with and added bar. I love the colour scheme here and look at that beautiful, big refrigerator with ice water in the door for those hot days when the kids would defrost your freezer trying to get something cool to drink!! I like the lowered cupboards that allow some personalized items above and I love the stainless steel appliances- including the new dishwasher. The overhead recessed lighting targets the busy areas and I might consider using a drop lighting over the bar area.. See how the window is framed with matching timber over the top and a recessed light to wash dishes after dark? A very nice feature to add to painted door fronts. I would consider a wall radio or intercom system, or even a television where their computer screen is located. Some super ideas here in this kitchen.

How is this for impressive?>>

Custom made white painted showcase cabinet fronts with matching windows! White granite around the edges of the kitchen and dark granite on the bar with the large stainless steel kitchen sink laid in the bar. Large overhead lighting for your bar prep areas brings functionality and style to the bar. Look at the painted panels on the bar too- that could even be painted in two tone if you wanted to add color to this kitchen or even make a bold colour statement.

I added this one because I love the recessed acrylic in the bar and the matching walls. The tile design-I would probably do something a little less of a clash of colour, but definitely a feature tile there. Perhaps even a picture with a glass overlay that complimented the colour of the acrylic in the bar. Also the use of dark cabinets with pure white benchtop is a bold statement. The neutral tile gives a warmth that compliments the boldness. Quite imaginative and very balanced!

Let us not forget our commercial kitchen options-they can be stylish and beautiful! Nobody wants to be hid away and surrounded by cinder block walls when they can experience this! Double doors for walk in freezer and refrigerator, large double gas cooktops, painted cabinets, and the beautiful routered edge on the granite bar top as well as a butcher-block top on the inside of the bar - just gorgeous! Even the ceiling has not been forgotten! This kitchen is for the serious chef-home or away!

<<<< A bit of color to a stylish corner kitchen with a glass cooktop in the bar.

"Something sweet to go with that coffee?"

Look at the skylights used to brighten the kitchen area in this>>> home! I love the complimentary tile wall and the flooring. Note that they put the barstools under the overhang on the side and used the front of the bar to tie into the open floor plan. Creative!

<<<<they combined="" the="" dining="" area="" with="" kitchen="" to="" create="" a="" larger="" but="" not="" compromise="" on="" design="" features="" by="" putting="" table="" in="" center.="" it="" is="" good="" use="" of="" smaller="" space="" something="" magnificent.

I love the crisp lines of this kitchen and the mirror above >>> the stove with the shelf. It is quite eye-catching! Look at that beautiful built in refridgerator/freezer! Hafele can supply a very similar built in. Sucha beautiful functioning tap with a large wide sink too and a stylish ledge before the window. Nice glass behind the cooktop to keep clean up simple. This is an interesting L-shaped kitchen.

I love kitchens......

With the absence of natural light, this kitchen has met the challenge with light coloured cabinets and a big overhead flouro. <<< It helps give this kitchen an overall welcoming feel.

A most difficult design space, yet the end result is quite beautiful with painted cupboards and stone granite benchtops. >>>>


>>>>A french design can add practicality and beauty to a high gloss, easy clean corner kitchen. Who said ceilings must be white?

<<<<even small="" apartments="" don't="" need="" to="" compromise="" on="" class!

This design could even suit an outdoor kitchen/bar. >>>>

I've enjoyed our visit-one last nibble?

More Coffee?

<<<< Painted kitchens allow for a myriad of options in color and style, AND they are easy to change the theme by simply changing the colour scheme!

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