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What's so important about a Laundry room?

Remember houses before laundry rooms? Hampers and clothing were strewn throughout the house, garage or under the house, creating messes and making the wash a real challenge. Only recently did builders realize that a laundry room has merit, and still, without proper organization, a laundry room may end up becoming a mere oversized hamper/room!

The Laundry Room

Always the last to get attention, our laundry rooms need to be one of the most functional spaces we have. An organized laundry room keeps items from cluttering up the rest of your home. Creating an easy to clean, workable space with good storage solutions will benefit the entire household for years to come.

At Queensland Kitchen and Bath, we believe the laundry room should be like the rest of your house-BEAUTIFUL!

But not only beautiful- it should be functional as well. And relaxing. Because you spend quite a bit of your week washing and you should enjoy your time.

So whether it's whimsical or traditional-make it beautiful!

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