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Outdoor Kitchens to suit your entertainment needs-

Even a small-ish budget can enjoy style!

Wondering what to do with that backyard verandah?

Who doesn't love an outdoor kitchen?

As these pictures from homebnc show-the ideas are absolutely endless! And Queensland Kitchen and Bath can replicate nearly every facet of these beautiful and intriguing kitchens. So look around and start dreaming. What will YOUR outdoor kitchen look like?

No matter the simplistic or the extravagance, a backyard kitchen brings warmth and charm to an otherwise barren space. Why not create something usable and beautiful?

Could an outdoor bar with a TV be useful?

If you can imagine it-we can build it.

Bring your ideas to Queensland Kitchen and Bath. Let's create beautiful!

Do you like storage? Perhaps this double bench would suit?

We have outdoor cabinets that come in a variety of colors:

Or let us build something new with a outdoor benchtop. Endless.....

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