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A new kitchen doesn't have to be hard work.... This design section will help you to think about the planning stage of your dream kitchen.

First up you need to think about the basics. What do you need from your kitchen? This is probably the most important question, because apart from looking great, your new kitchen really needs to function well.

Wander through this section and look at the space you have available. We will try to help you with helpful tips and advice to create your perfect home. Richard can also assist you personally with this step when you are ready to get started, or if you simply don't know how to get started, just give him a tingle!

Think about these things:

  • How will our family use your kitchen?

  • Do you need more storage than you do now?

  • Do you need more drawers or places to store pots and pans?

  • Will you need space for a dishwasher?

  • Is a pantry an option?

The Straight-Line Kitchen

The L-shape Kitchen

The U-shaped Kitchen

The Galley Kitchen

The working triangle illustrates the path between the most frequently used work areas, such as the fridge, sink and cooking appliances.

Reducing the size of the working triangle will save you time and effort in your new kitchen. Using these four common kitchen layouts (Straight Line, L-Shape, U-shape, and Galley), and referring to the working triangle, select the design most suited to your new kitchen.

This layout is best when available space is limited for your new kitchen. There is no working triangle because the workflow is based on a straight line. This configuration suits an apartment and can accommodate a small dinette in the kitchen area for eating. Space organizers in the cabinetry become paramount to functionality and the reality of little space for storage.

One of the most common layouts is the L-shaped ​kitchen, ideal for homes incorporating a small table for dining in the kitchen space.

If you have a large room and want the most efficient working triangle, then consider a U-shaped kitchen. It is perfect for the demands of a family, offering maximum storage space with many wall cabinet options.

This layout is featured in many homes, as it provides two opposing working and storage area. Add a couple of bar stools to the island unit and this becomes a great kitchen for entertaining. Ideal for open plan living.

Caesarstone Engineered Stone

Laminex Benchtops

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